The Guardians Of The Rainbow &

The Keepers Of The Sunken Way

R. S. Freckleton

Meet the Author ~

Look out for an interview with the well-known author and literary blogger Morgen Bailey conducted at the end of 2012.  I was asked all sorts of in-depth questions about writing, my motivation and even who I would like to take out to dinner! The website is

About me

Writing has come as something of a surprise to me.  When I was at school, I was not particularly good at English; possibly my indecipherable handwriting did not help. My ideas were not considered interesting and I cannot remember finding many of the books we studied hugely engrossing. That’s not to say I didn’t read. In fact my teenage years were filled with an eclectic mix of writing from the poems of A.E Houseman to the Jennings stories by Anthony Buckeridge, from the novels of Thomas Hardy to ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, and from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to the secret pleasures of my sister’s copy of ‘Jill has two ponies’ by Ruby Ferguson.

I had a fairly undistinguished four years as an undergraduate at Oxford studying biochemistry, followed by a long, but equally undistinguished career as a science teacher in schools in the West Midlands.

It was my boss, a former headmistress at the school I work at now, who started me thinking about writing.  She would make comments about how funny my reports were (even though they were not meant to be) and how much she enjoyed reading them. In the end, I thought I might as well give it a go. After all, they do say we all have one book in us if only we took the time and effort to write it.

Looking back at my own experiences, I was keen to set a story which featured a gay teenage boy as the central figure and I was also determined the story should have a positive outcome. I particularly liked adventure stories when I was younger, and thought that it was about time the boy got the boy instead of the girl at the end of the story. Even today, young lesbians and gay men are faced with a literature that is stereotypically straight. Even when gay characters do appear, they tend to be peripheral, sad, with huge problems and usually come to a sticky end.

Enough of that, I say! - So ‘The Guardians of the Rainbow’ is my attempt to redress the balance. 

Forth coming events
Birmingham LGBT have invited me to speak about my books at an event in the LGBT centre on Holloway Circus, Birmingham at 7.30pm on January 31st 2014. All are welcome. I am also hoping to make a return visit to Warwickshire Pride in August after a wonderful day in 2013, meeting people and promoting my books.

 My other interests
These days, music is my other big passion.

I play viola in the Wolverhampton Symphony Orchestra  ( and the Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra (BGSO) . I also write music; most recently I had an overture performed by the Telford Orchestra, who I used to conduct, in celebration of their 150th anniversary. (

I’m getting a bit too old to be doing much sport, but I do still hobble around the badminton court most Saturday mornings with the ‘Midlands OUT’ badminton group. (



PUBLISHED - May 2012 - The Guardians Of The Rainbow through Mirador Publishing. Both Kindle and Paperback are available from Amazon.

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Keepers of the Sunken Way

PUBLISHED - October 2013- The Keepers Of The Sunken Way through Mirador Publishing. Both Kindle and Paperback are available from Amazon

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